Rory McIlroy Engaged, How Will This Impact His Season?

On New Year’s Eve, we learned that Rory MccIlroy asked Caroline Wozniacki to marry him and she said yes. Of course, we are very happy for them. Apparently, the rumors of their demise as a couple were greatly exaggerated. But, it does raise the question of how this will impact his 2014 season.

Being engaged and planning a wedding can be very distracting. It would be easy to lose focus and Rory has shown that he is susceptible to losing focus and going into prolonged slumps. On the other hand, this should put to bed all the rumors and speculation on his relationship. One less distraction.

So, what does it all mean? I predict that this will be another disappointing year for Rory. It won’t be as bad as last year but I just don’t think he has the necessary, single-minded focus you need to be a dominant player on tour. I do foresee a couple of minor wins but they will be separated by a lot of mediocrity. After the wedding, when he can really dedicate himself, maybe Rory can be dominant like we all think he can, i.e. when the honeymoon is over.

I am a big Rory fan, I just think we all need to reset our expectations, especially for 2014.



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