What I Want to Happen in Golf in 2014

Since we are in the season of Xmas lists and giving, I thought I would write something about what I want, or would enjoy, out of the 2014 golf season. Keep in mind, these aren’t predictions, they are “wouldn’t it be great if…”s. So, let’s get started:


I want to see 2 majors out of Tiger. One a blowout with total domination and one pulled-off in dramatic fashion. As someone who is of the age that I have been there for all that Tiger has done, I long for the old days where the Tiger Magic seemed to always work. When he came up with the impossible, overly aggressive shot that no one else would, or could, pull off. If nothing else, I want my 8 year old son to see it. He’s tired of hearing me talk about how Tiger did the impossible. Come on Tiger. Start dominating the weekends again!


US Open. That’s all. Finally get this win to complete the career Grand Slam. How in the world did he win the British Open BEFORE he won the US Open. Boggles the mind. I don’t care if he doesn’t do anything else next year, just get this win Phil!


Get back to form and challenge Tiger. I think we are all hoping for that amazing tournament, preferably a major, where Tiger and Rory are paired together on Sunday, both playing well, and battling it out for the win. These situations are hard to come by in golf, but wouldn’t it be great? I don’t think Rory can handle the pressure of playing well all the time like Tiger has, but, when he is on, he is one of the best. Can we get Tiger and Rory “on” in the same event please?

Jordan Spieth (not quite on the first name-only level yet but will be soon)

Keep up the great work! He’s got a great game and an even better ability to handle pressure for someone so young. Getting a win at such a young age happens, but, very few contend as often as he did during his rookie season. I think a major is too much to ask, but, I want a Player’s Championship or WGC event for him.


I want him to back-up the Master’s Win with an Open Championship win. He should have had it 2 years ago. Seems like a great guy and his game is firing on all cylinders. He is the clear #2 in the world, sorry Rory fans, right now. Can he challenge the number 1 spot? I assume Stevie Williams will at least show up for the majors, right? Go Aussie!

Lydia Ko

I want to be even more impressed with this up-and-coming superstar. She has managed to meet and exceed very lofty expectations at such a young age, very much the way Tiger did (but she is much younger). I want her to win a major or two and let everyone know she is ready to take over. The LPGA has had some brilliant runs by women like Yani Tseng and Inbee Park. But, they seem to shine bright and quickly fade away. I want Lydia to be the next, long-term dominant force in golf. Remember how excited everyone was over Michelle Wie? She never really even won anything. Lydia already has more wins that Wie at the age of 16. Plus, she seems like a nice, grounded girl so she is easy root for.

USGA and R&A

I was very happy to see the anchored putter ban happen, even it it’s not until 2099…I mean 2016. Now I want them to cap distance from anything other than better swings and fitness. Do something about the ball so that newer versions don’t just go farther. Same for clubs. It’s ruining the history and tradition of the game along with many great courses.


What do I want for my game in 2014? I want to win my Grand Slam. I have 4 majors each year that you can read about here.

What do you want?

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